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I've been painting rocks to look like hobbit holes, and my latest one is pretty big--a little over a foot long, weighing about 20 pounds. Anyway, I documented the process, which I adapted from Lin Wellford's books on painting rocks.

(Click on the thumbnails for a closer look.)

I start with a rock that is more or less rounded in shape. It could be as small as, say, an egg, up to as big as this one. Most of the ones I do are more or less the size and shape of a baking potato.

Then I pencil in the location of the windows and doors--round, of course!

Next, I use wood-filler in a tube to add the "eaves" and make the "chimneys". I apply the wood-filler much like one would apply decorator's frosting to a cake. The sponge in the front is just to prop the rock at a good angle to work with, as this one was too heavy for me to pick up.

Then I do some basecoating with outdoor acrylic craft paint. I use either Folklore Outdoor, or Patio Paint.

Next I add a few details to the windows and doors. I used a black sharpie to draw in the window panes, and I get the effect of planks on the door by side-loading the paintbrush on one side with green and on the other with a dark brown. I add a bit of "stones" and "brickwork" details.

I use both a "scrubby" brush and a fan brush, to dab on the shrubbery and flowers, all around the bottom of the smial, and also a few flowers on top of the hill.

Because this one was so large, I also put some flowers on the "back" of the hill, as well. On the smaller ones, I don't usually do this.

Here it is in the grass, next to my planter garden. But when our new front porch is finished, it will have a new location in the front of the house.

Here are a few other rocks I've done.

Here's the cottage at Crickhollow!

And here are a couple of smaller and more traditional smials…

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