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Hobbit Block of the Month!

I just finished my very first block of the month for the [livejournal.com profile] fis_bom's "There and Back Again" Challenge! They will be posting a new one every month!

Pics behind the cut!

Gandalf Gandalf My very first paper-pieced quilt block, done for [livejournal.com profile] fis_bom's "There and Back Again" challenge.
Gandalf Close-up Gandalf Close-up Sorry for the glare in the corner. The block did not come out quite square, so I'm hoping I can fix that part. I plan to add some embellishment to it: add some of the flowers from the lower background so they come up a little bit against the sky, maybe embroider a few flowers as well for addition.
Gandalf quote Gandalf quote I did this Gandalf quote in calligraphy on a scroll background. I plan to shrink it down and then run it off the printer on printer-fabric, then applique it onto the block in one corner or another.

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This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I really should get my act together and make a block myself...