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A few weeks ago, I promised to try and get some close-up pics of the polymer clay wee!hobbits I made. Well, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] danachan I was finally able to do so.

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I've been playing about with my polymer clay again. See the picspam behind the cut:

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My very first polymer!hobbit was *not* polymer!Frodo, but polymer!Marigold, whom I made as a Christmas present for our own [livejournal.com profile] marigoldg a couple of years back. I thought that I did not still have my pics of her, but I recently found them, and [livejournal.com profile] danachan was kind enough to upload them for me:

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Here is some calligraphy I did for the story [livejournal.com profile] gryffinjack and I are writing. They are supposed to be Drogo's and Primula's Marriage Contract and Frodo's Adoption Certificate.

Marriage Document
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Adoption certificate

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Edit: For some strange reason, when I first posted this, it only posted the saved draft and not anything else--including the cut. Sorry about that.

Edit again: Well, I hope I finally have the cut working...
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This is a REAL stretch, friends, but if you can accept star ceilings and flowers...

As for the rationalization, well, griffins are mythological creatures (representing nobility and bravery), so they might have existed in Middle-earth, and just didn't make it into Our Book.

Here they are in a photo album http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v326/gegoodwin/griffins/

These are puppets, designed to sit on your shoulder (with the help of pins or a tie-down). The control runs down the griffin's tail under your clothing into your hand, and is used to make the head nod and shake back and forth. The control doesn't work very well - I was never able to come up with a method to really move the head effectively.

ANYWAY, yes, I made these. I hired a sculptor to make the bodies, forming the molds out of hard resin and pouring the bodies, and I did the wiring together, glued on the fur and made the wings. If you are wondering why anyone would go to the trouble, I had intended to sell them at Renaissance Faires. I got the crafts committee approval (unanimously, which is very rare), but couldn't make enough of them to meet the demand. So I've sold a few here and there and given some away, and only have a few left.

Would you like one?

All of the fur is genuine, mink, beaver, mooton, rabbit, wolf, and about everything you can think of. The feathers also are genuine, mostly turkey but also exotics. The eyes are top-quality Toheken glass. The forepaws are curved to hold a crystal or something. They are a real show-stopper sitting on your shoulder at a Renaissance Faire or LotRs convention!

If you would like one, please let me know. I only have a few left. All I ask is you pay the mailing (parcel post). I'll pack them and mail them to you. I cannot promise to send you one from the photos - some are gone. You'll just have to take pot-luck. But (speaking as their mother), they are all beautiful.

If you'd like one, please e-mail me at budgielover_1@netzero.com, and send me your address.

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This one is a stretch, friends, but I think it can still qualify as a LotRs craft!

Like Sam, I am a gardener. And an avid grower of houseplants. My speciality is raising common and exotic African violets. Here's the latest:


This is a ruffled violet.

Advice on growing African violets freely given!

X-posted to my LJ because I am insufferably proud of this plant.
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This is not terribly exciting, but since it's been so quiet here lately, and I have been working on my hobbit dollhouse this week, I figured some pic spam would not go amiss.  ;)

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I attended a science fiction convention this past weekend, and some friends and I dressed as hobbits one day. I've put a good deal of the photos we took in my LJ ScrapBook - I thought the members here might want to see them, as we were all quite adorable. :D

Hobbit Day at BayCon 2006

I'm dressed as Estella...*points to icon*
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This is one of my earliest crafts. It is a mock "stone plaque" map of the Shire, which hangs on my bedroom wall. I made two of these, one of them was for [livejournal.com profile] coneygoil, as a Christmas gift.

The pictures show the two halves of the plaque; it's a scan, not a photo--I could not take a photo that did not have a shiny glare spot in the middle.

[livejournal.com profile] danachan helped me to post these.

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When my Merry and Pippin t-shirt became too small to wear I was heartbroken. I tried my hardest to think of some use for it other than taking up space in my closet and this is what I came up with:

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Here's a little calligraphy project I did:

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And here's another:

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I apologize for it being sideways, but it's a scan, not a photograph.

Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] danachan for uploading all this for me!
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Here's a rather better shot of the Tolkien-inspired quilt made to raffle off at "The Gathering of The Fellowship" in Toronto in December 2003.

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[livejournal.com profile] dreamflower02 asked to see a photo of the entire Tolkien-inspired quilt that we stitched and quilted for raffling at "The Gathering of The Fellowship". This is the only photo I have of the quilt being displayed at the convention. Again, unfortunately, I was new to digital photography and I shrunk the photo and didn't keep the original.

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Back in 2002-2003 some of the folks of the on-line community at Tolkien On-Line decided to make a quilt to raffle off at "The Gathering of The Fellowship", a Tolkien convention that took place in Toronto in December of 2003. All proceeds from the raffle would go to a literary charity. The quilt organizers encouraged all the different communities at Tolkien On-Line to donate a square, saying that if they could get an artist to design a square for them, the crafters in the quilting community could have the design made into a cross-stitch pattern, stitched and sewn into the quilt. The quilt became a world-wide effort between artists, computer designers, cross-stitchers and quilters. Over six months I stitched three squares for the quilt, though sadly, I don't think I any longer have photos of two of those squares.

The third square was designed by the "Lucky Fortune Inn", a community at Tolkien On-Line meant to gently lead newcomers into the world of role-playing. They would spend time at the Lucky Fortune Inn learning the ropes and etiquette of role-playing and then they would branch off into other role-playing communities on the boards. Once the design was made into a cross-stitch pattern, it was mailed to me to stitch and then mail on to the quilters. The magical dragon harp in the square was one of the mainstays of the inn. I had also been asked to try to find horseshoe-shaped charms to attach to the lettering and, having no luck with that, I found charms shaped like the letter "U" and painted them copper. I was pleased with how this square turned out.

(Note: The photo isn't great, because at the time I was in my very early days of learning digital photography. I shrunk a lot of my photos and didn't save the originals. I really regret that now.)

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NOTE: Link to Glow, Inc. corrected 11/11/07. My apologies to Glow, Inc.!

So many people asked about painting a star ceiling that I wrote up this guide. It ISN'T hard - you just need to know the basics and practice.

How to Paint a Star Ceiling
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Or send me a plane ticket and I'll come teach you!
X-posted to [livejournal.com profile] lotr_crafts
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I am enjoying the pictures of other LOTR crafts very much!  Lovely idea for a community, [personal profile] dreamflower.  :-D  I don't have anything new to contribute at the moment, but as per your hinting, I will gladly link Tiny Bag End here. 

About two years ago I started a dollhouse version of Bag End.  It's not meant to be an exact replica (financial and practicality considerations restricted me to an eight-room and no interior hallway design), but if you use your imagination, it's fairly hobbity nonetheless.  ;)  The project is ongoing (hopefully forever--what will I do to amuse myself when it's done?!), but the interior is more or less finished.   I work mainly on the exterior now, experimenting with ways to make tiny plants for Bilbo's garden.  I know some of you have already seen all this, but here are links to the two posts I made awhile ago that contain the best overview:

Go here for the backstory...

... and here for the more-or-less finished interior.


May. 18th, 2006 08:40 pm
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What a fascinating new community! And I even have to share something.. though I rarely have the time to tinker around with this hobby. This is a silk shawl I painted for my friend jodancingtree back in January - and I will visit her in Michigan this June to see it again (not only for that purpose, of course). It is based on my fic Before I go to sleep, with quotes from the text and things that play a role in the story; the elvish runes mean indil, which is "Lily" and the name of the OC I created for this tale.

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A few people asked me in my last community post if I would post a photo of the entire shirt with my "Tree of Gondor" design. Here it is.

I really like this new community a lot. I'm seeing some of the most beautiful Tolkien-inspired craftwork today!

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Posted with permission from RohanElf:

"I made this last year in a class we had a school called 'Fashion & You' the only reason my friends Gemma, JR and I took it was because the name sounded so stupid.

"Anyhoo, that's this painting, which I scanned and printed onto fabric stuff.. and I did the same with all the quotes... It's supposed to look like you've unzipped it and you could just step into The Shire..."

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Posted on dA here.
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This is a great idea for a LJ community, Dreamflower! I have a few photos I can share. Here's the first one. I first stitched the design on this shirt to wear it to "The Gathering of the Fellowship" convention in Toronto back in December 2003. No Gondorian tree patterns existed at the time, so I just blew up a photo of Pippin in uniform on my computer screen, taped a piece of cross-stitch graph paper to the screen and made a rough trace of the tree design. I fine-tuned it as I stitched. The stitching was done with a grey and silver blended thread.

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